Andreas a Short history

Andreas is a REPS REGISTERED EXERCISE PROFESSIONAL.  He holds a British Wheel  of Yoga Diploma in teaching Yoga  (BWY_0023182) and has completed Ashtanga teacher training courses with Mark Freeth and David Swenson. He continues to study under Richard Adamo and attends regular workshops with some of the world’s most respected Ashtanga teachers.

 He lives in a small Oxfordshire village with his partner Lisa McCutcheon who is a qualified Thai Yoga and Tui Na Massage therapist and acupuncturist in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Andreas:  a short history,  Pilates:

It was while working as a gym/fitness instructor that Andreas was first introduced to Pilates.  Around 2001 he undertook training at the Institute of Pilates in London with Michael King

“My first experience of Pilates was quite a shock.  I’d come from a gym environment , trained and regularly completed in Sprint triathlons and was still training hard in Kyokushinkai  Karate, famous for its knock down full contact fighting”

The whole concept of training and working from the inside out was completely  alien to his way of thinking and training.

“ It was after about 2 years of teaching Pilates that I start to realise that there was something in this system. Then after teaching it for about 4 years it suddenly dawned on me what a great training system Pilates is. Only improved or ruined by the instructors knowledge and understanding or lack of”

A not so short history,  Yoga:

Still working as a gym instructor Andreas was sent on some Les Mills BTS (Body Training Systems) courses. Here he met  Ann-See Yehoh who taught Body Balance for the Les Mills group.  Body Balance is a mix of Yoga, Tai-Chi and Pilates all taught to music. She was later to become his first teacher in Yoga:

“Sadly my natural rhythm is none existent and I just didn’t count to the same beat as everyone else on the course, and as for left and rights while counting a four beat!!!!!!”

Despite having no rhythm and appalling timing Andreas continued to teach the BTS classes for another couple of years. He  was still into heavy training but his attitude and understanding of the body-mind experience  was slowly changing.

“While teaching Body balance I started to get more interested in Yoga and started to try out local teachers and different styles of Yoga, but always felt something was missing”

Andreas’s interest in Yoga continued and he completed a ‘Pathway to Yoga’ course with Anne-See Yehoh. The ‘Pathway To Yoga’ course was a stepping stone for instructors who were interested in teaching Yoga and gave a brief understanding of the practice.  After completing the course Andreas still continued to try other classes/ teachers to improve his own understanding. It was then that he attended his first Ashtanga Vinyasa Class in TriYoga, London.

“All I remember was the heat, the sound of the breath, the concentration WOW!!!!! It  was really amazing”

Andreas continued to practice as much as he could in the Ashtanga Style of Yoga and often went to the Ashtanga  workshops hosted by Ian McDonald in Oxford. It was here that he met his future teacher Richard Adamo.

“Richard’s no-nonsense practical yet light hearted approach to Yoga really struck a chord with me and after attending several workshops I approached Richard to train under him on his on his BWY teacher training Diploma  course.  I’m happy to say that my friendship with Richard has not only increased as one of his students but also on a personal level. I’m privileged to class Richard as a close friend, My son Darragh and I spending many great weekends with him and his son in Wales.”

While completing his BWY Diploma Course Andreas set up MKYOGA.

“To be honest I loved Yoga, I loved travelling to workshops but the cost of travelling to and often staying in London was expensive so If Muhammad can’t come to the mountain, Take the mountain to Muhammad. So I started running workshops in Milton Keynes. This was also great way to get my students to experience other Ashtanga Yoga Teachers.”

In the first year we had 2 teachers  come to Milton Keynes. Then over the next 4 years we often had up to 6 teachers a year visiting us. Some of the regular teachers to MKyoga were: Mark Freeth of the Free style Yoga project Liz Lark, David Sye of Yoga beats, Ann-Marie Newland of Sun Power Yoga, Claire Missingham And Russell Case from America. The workshops continued for another 4 years with a small dedicated band of practitioners.

There has a been a break for the last two years  allowing people to find their own practice. 2013 will see the return of teachers coming to Milton Keynes, starting with Richard Adamo in October.

“The workshops will be much more Ashtanga based and it is hoped that by having new Ashtanga teachers coming to MK, students will get new ideas and approaches to their practice.”

MKYOGA  NOW Andreas has continued to practice and attend workshops to improve his own understanding of Ashtanga and Yoga in general. He firmly believes that although the Ashtanga system does not appeal to everyone there is a great deal to be said about its basic approach to practice,

“ I really believe that Yoga is much more simple than we think, yet because it’s so simple we then make it complicated to give it more meaning.

Forget everything you’ve been told and just practice.

Practice for the sake of practice.

Practice with no expectation.  With no expectation, every practice will be fresh and revealing and you’ll never be disappointed.

Always remember the fruits of the practice are not yours to keep.

We should always practice not for the results it gives us, they are just a bonus.

Get on your mat, work hard, then go home to your loved ones and enjoy life.

And finally don’t take life so serious, you’ll never get out of it alive.”